1 .
I would like to know about The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is the only recognized professional body in India to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India. It is a premier national professional body set up under an act of Parliament, the Company Secretaries Act, 1980. ICSI functions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The Institute provides top-quality education to the students of Company Secretaries (CS) Course and best quality set standards to CS Members. At present, there are more than 50,000 members and about 4,00,000 students on the roll of ICSI.
ICSI has its headquarters at New Delhi, four Regional Offices at New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and 69 Chapters across India one Overseas Centre at Dubai.
ICSI has been contributing to the initiatives of Government of India that have potential to excel the social-economic growth of India.

2 .
How does it benefit students?

Students pursuing 11th / 12th are at the threshold of making the most crucial decision about their career. This is an attempt by the Institute for self realisation of his / her potential and aptitude. Besides the self realisation, the Institute is also recognizing the potential of the student by conferring them awards on Merit Basis.

3 .
What are my career prospects after completing Company Secretary?

Company Secretary is a key functionary in the corporate pyramid. Career as a Company Secretary is not only prestigious and financially rewarding but also carries with it a high level of job satisfaction. Qualified Company Secretary can be employed as a Company Secretary or any other corporate job related to Corporate Law, Taxation etc. and also have opportunity to act as a Practising Company Secretary.

4 .
How will appearing in CS Olympiad help me?

Students are tested for their competencies in various areas. Participants of Olympiads are ranked on the basis of marks obtained. Hence, after taking the test, students can judge themselves academically at different levels i.e their standing/ performance within the School, at City level, at State level and above all at National level.

How will appearing in CS Olympiad help me in ICSI?

This Olympiad is independent of registration in the Foundation Programme (first stage) of the Company Secretaryship Course. Some bright students, up to a certain rank achieved in the CS Olympiad, at State and National level will get waiver of registration fees at the Foundation Programme stage of the CS Course. Such students will also be eligible for waiver of registration fee at the Executive Programme & Professional Programme Stages of CS Course subject to their passing each examination at the first attempt and first available opportunity.

6 .
What awards are offered under CS Olympiad?

Attractive Cash Awards will be distributed among the Top Rank Holders at All India Level and also the top rank holders in different zones.

7 .
What is the utility of certificate issued by ICSI under CS Olympiad?

The aim of the CS Olympiad is not merely to distribute Cash Awards and Certificates to the students. Rather, it is an effort by the Institute to recognise the potential of student and self realisation on his / her standing in the National perspective.

8 .
What stream students may appear in the CS Olympiad?

The Company Secretaryship Course can be pursued by students of arts, commerce and science stream students. Similarly, all students of 11th / 12th Class of Academic Year 2016-17 irrespective of the academic stream can enrol for CS Olympiad to be held in September, 2016.

9 .
I am interested to take part in the CS Olympiad. Tell me how will I come to know about the details of the exam?

All the relevant information is sent to the schools registered with us across countries, along with prospectus, registration forms, posters and other details before the exam. The students come to know about the necessary details from their school teachers or through the Foundation's official website www.sofworld.org or through the foundations face book page facebook.com/sofworld.

10 .
Myself and few of my friends are interested to take part in the CS Olympiad but our school has not yet received any information regarding the Olympiad. What can we do?

Please let us know the name, e-mail ID, complete address of your school along with name and contact details of the Principal. We will send detailed information and registration forms to your School so that your Principal / Olympiad Teacher-in-charge can register your names for the exam.

11 .
What Is The Syllabus Of CS Olympiad?

The one-hour Olympiad will comprise multiple-choice questions. The Olympiad will consist of questions from various sections which include - General Knowledge, Reading and Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, Basic Concepts of Commerce, Basic Concepts of Economics and Mercantile Law, Mental Ability and Reasoning.

12 .
Are there any special books which the participants should refer to for the CSO preparation?

In general, NCERT books/course books prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE/State Boards may be referred to for the preparation. Additionally, class XI and XII students can refer to various other publications

13 .
My school does not want to register for the CS Olympiad, but I am very eager to write the exam. Can I do it on my own?

SOF does not encourage individual participation. Students have to register through their schools only.

14 .
I have already appeared for the CS Olympiad while I was in a lower class? Can I appear again?

Students of 11th Class who have enrolled for the CS Olympiad, may enrol again for the CS Olympiad during the subsequent year as a 12th Class Student.

15 .
My school has already dispatched the registration form. I am left out and I want to register myself for the Olympiad exam. What should I do?

You can request your school authority to send your relevant details and fee immediately to us. We will accept it if it reaches us before the last date of registration (usually 30 days before the exam).

16 .
I am going to write the CS Olympiad for the first time. Can I get sample papers?

Sample Papers are sent to all schools registered for Olympiad exams. SOF website also contains these papers http://www.sofworld.org/CSO-sample-papers.html

17 .
What is the structure and pattern of the examination?

For details please click following link. http://www.sofworld.org/pattern-questions-and-marking-scheme.html

18 .
When are the results of Olympiad declared?

Results of Olympiad are declared within 8 weeks of the last date of examination. The results are sent to the schools concerned. The results are also made available on our website.

19 .
Can I take part in more than one Olympiad exam?

Although conducted by the same Foundation, NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, ISKO & CSO are completely different competitions. Students can register for all the Olympiad in a year – based on their class.

20 .
Do I have to regularly visit your website for the latest update of CS Olympiad activities?

All the important information regarding Olympiad, Seminars, etc., like date, time and venue is available on our website www.csolympiad.info . So it is beneficial for you to surf the said website and SOF’s websites viz. www.sofworld.org or www.facebook.com/sofworld.

21 .
I have still not received my Roll No. / Admit Card / Participation Certificate. I have checked from my school authorities and they are also not in receipt of the same. Kindly advise what to do?

Please request your Principal / Science Teacher to inform us about the non-receipt of the above. We will send duplicate copies to your school as soon as we hear from them.

22 .
We have come to know about your Foundation and we are interested. How do we enroll our school with you?

Send us the complete address of your school in the following format and we will send relevant information and registration forms to you at the appropriate time. School Name: Postal Address, E-mail: Principal’s name, phone number & e-mail ID.

23 .
Is the CS Olympiad conducted in English only?


24 .
We have less than 5 students in our school who are interested to take part in an Olympiad. Can we still enroll for the test?

For less than 5 students a school, it is not viable for the Foundation to hold the CSO. Hence at least 5 students should be enrolled from a school so that a school becomes a center.

25 .
Give criteria for ranking.

Please click the following link to know criteria for Ranking. http://www.sofworld.org/rankings.html